Best Tackle Supplied


We provide only top notch tackle for our tuna trips - four top quality outfits are provided for your charter - all 80lb class Shimmano reels and equivalant rods.

Most other boats in Spain only provided two or three rods and your party, often up to 12 people, must take it in turns waiting for a strike.  With us, it's only a maximum of 4 people with one rod per person for the whole trip!

When there's a strike, if it is your rod that goes, it is just you and the fish!

For the less experiences angler, the crew will be on hand to offer help and advice.

 6 Hour Trips

For more information on our tuna fishing charters please give us a calll
on 00350 54028181 or email

All rods, reels and bait included in the price

6 hour trip £660 10 hour trip £990

Special offers on multiple day charters

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July 11th 2017  244 kilos

Gibraltar Tuna Fishing

Gibraltar has its own tuna fishing season! 


Gibraltar has now licensed big game tuna fishing in Gibraltar territorial waters.  The season starts 16th June and finishes 15th October.

This is the most "glamorous" type of fishing although if you hook into a bluefin tuna it's hard work!

The bluefin tuna caught trolling are large and require a great deal of fighting before you can land them in the boat.

Gibraltar offers the chance of huge bluefin tuna.

The downside to trolling is that it can be long day with no guarantees, although no boat tries harder to catch Bluefin tuna than Ocean Dancer!